Registration for participants of the competitions / InduS-Record run

To register, please download the registration form and send it filled out to If possible please take the Word-document and fill it out. If the formatting is causing problems, use the PDF and mail it as a scan or photo.

(Please click on “Anmeldung Word.docx” with right mouse button and “save target as”)

(Please click “registration Word.docx” with the right computer mouse button and “save targed as”)

In the registration (Anmeldung)  you can register directly for the barbecue and the overnight stays.

The starting fees are as follows:

InduS Record run: free of charge
Children’s race: free of charge

For registration before 22-06-2019:

1 race: € 10
2 races: € 20
from 3 races: € 25

For registration after 22.06.2019:
1 race: € 15
2 races: € 30
from 3 races: € 40

There is no guarantee for a transponder and classification (if there are no more transponders left, it is possible to drive outside the competitions).

Race 9: (Children’s race) is free of charge and does not count as a race (see price scale)

Race 12 (InduS-Record run) is free of charge and does not count as a race (see price scale)

There is only 1 transponder per participant available for different vehicles.

Registration for participants in the tours (free of charge)

The registration serves the better planning of the tour. Therefore we would like to ask you a short mail with the indication of the tour and the number of participants send to

We register the tour and the corresponding number of participants and their email addresses. The email address is to inform you about A race in the Park – das inklusive Radsportwochenende / Cyclevision. Participation in the tour is at your own risk. If you do not want your email address to be stored, please let us know.