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Volunteers / Helpers

Registration as a volunteer / helper

There is a lot to see and to do at A race in the Park – das inklusive Radsportwochenende / Cyclevision. Not only as a guest or participant, but also as a volunteer / helper. There are a variety of activities where we need support. We have prepared an operating plan and now it is necessary to link the activities with the volunteers / helpers. Of course you do not have to work all weekend. We are also happy to take over activities for a certain period of time, so the time windows are assigned to the activities, which you can select.

To register you can use the registration form. Then do not mark races and give them under ” Wissenswertes über mich ” (worth knowing about me), you want to be there as helpers and if necessary the times when you can to be used as volunteer / helper.
Please fill in mail and mail it to info@a-race-in-the-park.de.

Even if you are not (yet) involved with any of the participating clubs or associations, you are cordially invited.